Cisco Systems to acquire swedish computer vision platform Modcam

Cisco Systems to acquire swedish computer vision platform Modcam

The multinational technology conglomerate Cisco Systems has reportedly announced its acquisition of the Sweden-based intelligent computer vision platform, Modcam. With the latest buyout, Cisco looks to incorporate the exceptional computer vision technology of Modcam into the MV smart camera portfolio of Cisco Meraki.

As per the sources close to the matter, by acquiring Modcam, Cisco intends to accelerate its evolution of smart security cameras, integrated with a unique machine learning capability that assists in automatic object identification. Cisco Meraki is globally known for its wide-ranging smart camera portfolio that helps business organizations eliminate infrastructure cost issues by enhancing their digital security. With the acquisition of Modcam, the company aims to create a future that would have smart cloud-integrated security cameras to help organizations simplify their everyday physical security operations. Chis Stori, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Meraki, was reported stating, “In acquiring Modcam,  Cisco is investing in a team of highly talented engineers who bring a wealth of expertise in machine learning, computer vision, and cloud-managed cameras. Modcam has developed a solution that enables cameras to become even smarter. With Modcam’s technology, this micro-level information can be stitched together, enabling multiple cameras to provide a macro-level view of the real world.”

Cisco Meraki’s MV smart cameras are efficiently capable of machine learning-based object detection, as well as motion detection. The analytic capabilities of these cameras aid in protecting individual privacy, besides providing intelligent insights. Modcam specializes in the areas of precision locationing and journey pathing, which facilitate the strategic planning of various physical spaces. With the incorporation of Modcam’s technology, these cameras will be enabled to monitor any individual’s path, with no requirement or disclosure of their personal information. Office space planners and facilities managers find a major application of these cameras for better space utilization and safer working practices.


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